Current Version

May 15, 2019
ChAsE 1.1.2 (4.3 MB)

Option to specify seed number for the k-means clustering

Web Install download .jar file

Previous Versions

Version Date Size Install Download Example data Release notes
1.0.11 Nov 30, 2015 7.6 MB Web Install jar data minor bug fixes.
1.0.10 Feb 04, 2015 8.0 MB Web Install jar data bug fixes
1.0.09 Sep 25, 2013 8.9 MB Web Install jar data latest
1.0.08 Jun 01, 2013 8.9 MB Web Install jar bug fix
1.0.07 Mar 27, 2013 8.9 MB Web Install jar faster



ChAsE requires Java 7 or greater. It is recommended that you get the latest version of Java, specially if you are on Mac OS.

You may either use web Install or download the jar file package:

Web Install

Click on the link and follow the instructions and confirm permission requests.
If you are using Chrome, note that Chrome will not launch "Web Install" links by default. Instead, it will download a "jnlp" file which should appear in the lower left corner of the browser. Double-click the downloaded file to install and run ChAsE.


Download and extract the compressed file.
  • OS X: Right-click on Run_OSX.command and select Open. Confirm running the application.
  • Window: Double click Run_Windows.bat
  • Linux/Unix: Double click

You can also launch the "jar" files directly from the command line using the following command:
java -Xms512m -Xmx2048m -jar chase.jar

Source Code:

Source code available under MIT license from: